Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (2023)



One of the remakable and powerful abilities when it comes to anime, especially fantasy series are fire abilities. When it comes to power, Fire abilities always wouldn’t disappear from the list.

Almost all anime fantasy series or movies has characters who has a fire abilities such as Naruto, One Piece, or even Bleach that love by a lot of fans since then. As time goes by, anime slowly grows bigger and becoming more and more interesting because of its fascinating fantasies.

Abilities such as Superhuman strength, dark magics, and many more are undeniably good, yet fire abilities are still one of the remakable abilities when it comes to fantasies. What makes fire abilities love by a lot of fans is because it could be use in real life and use according to one’s will unlike any other fantasy abilities. Because of that…

10. Rengoku Kyojuro

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (1)

Anime: Demon Slayer

Rengoku Kyojuro was one of the strongest demon slayer in the series and was belong to 9 Pillars or mostly as Hashiras. Rengoku’s abilities are very similar to a fire, or rather it is a fire itself in a form of Flame Breathing. He was one of the demon slayers who has was belong to strongest breathing form, which made him a Hashira without any exceptions.

Despite of not having a long screentime in the series, Rengoku Kyojuro made a lot of tears to fans by his tragic death to a powerful demon, which made him one of the remarkable anime characters of all. Rengoku is a dignified and helpful person that wouldn’t hesitate to help those in needs. During his battle against Akaza, the demon who killed him, no one except him died afte he successfully saved all of them in exchanged of his own life.

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His will to save others are unbreakable, to the way that he disobeyed his own father not to become a Demon Slayer, yet he still continued in order to help people. At the very young age, Rengoku was taught by his mother to help those in needs, especially those who can’t protect themselves, which he carried on until his last breath.

9. Natsu Dragneel

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (3)

Anime: Fairy Tail

When it comes to fire abilities, Natsu Dragneel wouldn’t disappear from the list because of his amazing fire power. Natsu Dragneel is the protagonist of the long running series ‘Fairy Tail’ which revolves around adventures and especially Guilds, where powerful mages resides.

As a part of Fairy Tail, one of the strongest Guilds in the series, Natsu possess an incredible abilities, especially her remarkable fires. Natsu could create fires according to his will and used it in every battle. He is also belong to real 5 Dragon Slayers, which are the people who was raised by a dragon.

What makes Natsu remarkable was his scarf that he always wear no matter what the circumstances. Natsu possess superhuman strength and mainly his fire abilities, which he mastered after he long years of hard work and training.

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (4)

8. Endeavor

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (5)

Anime: My hero Academia

Enji Todoroki, or mostly known as Endeavor as his hero name is the current no. 1 hero in Hero Association after All Might had retired. Compare to All Might who has extraordinary superhuman strength, Endeavor’s ability is only a fire, yet extremely powerful.

Using his fire, Endeavor allows himself to move in an incredible speed and grants him an ability to fly. Endeavor also possess an immense physical strength because of his massive physique, but compare to All Might, he won’t stand a chance.

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (6)

Despite of his massive success to being a hero, one of the downsides of it to him was a broken family. Endeavor once destroyed his family because of his hatred and envy towards to All Might, knowing that no matter what he did, he can’t surpass him. Regardless of that, Endeavor is now slowly regretting all of the things he had done and slowly bringing the family he once demolished.

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7. Benimaru Shinmon

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (8)

Anime: Fire Force

Having a fire abilities in the anime series ‘Fire Force’ isn’t new, knowing that from the title itself, Fire Force revolves around the world full of fire fantasies. Benimaru Shinmon is one of the Captain in Fire Force, which is Company 7 and considered as the strongest Fire Force of all time.

Every Fire Force’s abilities are only divided in 3 categories. 1st Gen(Infernals), 2nd Gen(Who can manipulate fires), and 3rd Gen(Who can create their own fires). Despite of having only a 1 generation per user, Benimaru Shinmon is an exception for having a unique abilities, which allows him to create his own fires and manipulate other’s fire as well according to his will, making him 2nd and 3rd gen at the same time.

Unlike any other fire force, Benimaru Shinmon acts based on what he wants and doesn’t follow orders most of the time. Because of his abilities, Benimaru was the one who served as teacher for a short period of time to Shinra, the protagonist of the story in order to shape him into a stronger fire fighter.

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (9)

6. Fuegoleon Vermillion

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (10)

Anime: Black Clover

Fuegoleon Vermillion is one of the strongest characters in the entire series of Black Clover and also one of the 9 Captains of Magic Knights. Fuegoleon was trained at the very young age along with her sister, making him an undeniably powerful mage.

He is belong to royal family, which makes him a high status. Despite of that, Fuegoleon doesn’t have any disgust to people below him unlike any nobles and royals in the series. Fuegoleon is a dignified and has a unbreakable pride, making him truly worthy of being a Captain. Also, Fuegoleon is one of the candidates who could become a future Wizard King.

What makes him truly powerful isn’t just because of his own strength, but also the powers he acquired after he was chosen by the Fire Spirit, Salamander to be his master. Because of that, his abilities especially his magic increase dramatically with the help of Fire Spirit.

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (11)

5. Mereoleona Vermillion

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (12)

Anime: Black Clover

Mereoleona Vermillion is the older sister of Fuegoleon, one of the Noble in the series Black Clover along with her extraordinary fire power. Fire Magics are common to their bloodline, knowing that all of her siblings has fire abilities. She is the oldest daughter, also could be considered strongest among her siblings.

Unlike any powerful mages in the series, Mereoleona chose to travel instead of being a magic knight. Despite of that, she’s much more capable than every one of them. In spite of being a woman, Mereoleona is terrifying and threatening existence, to the way that no one could even opposed her, not even the captains.

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (13)

Mereoleona isn’t just powerful when it comes to fire magics, but also capable when it comes to physical abilities, which literally makes her different compare to other female characters. Unlike her younger brother who has fire spirit that gives him additional abilities, Mereoleona rely only on her own abilities, yet she’s already powerful enough to take anyone down. Also, she know how to use Mana Zone, one of the strongest magic in the series, yet only few people can achieve.

4. Uchiha Sasuke

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (14)

Anime: Naruto

Uchiha Sasuke is one of the strongest characters throughout the whole series of Naruto, especially after he obtained the Rinnegan, the strongest eyes in the series. He was also the only remaining Uchiha after Obito Uchiha had died in war against the whole world.

Fire techniques aren’t new to Uchihas, knowing that Fire techniques are one of the trademarks of their clan. Sasuke once felt a deep hatred against to anyone, especially to his own village after he realized the reason behinds Itachi’s actions. Sasuke live as a criminal for a long period of time, and learnt a lot of things on his journey.

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (15)

Even though without the Rinnegan, Sasuke is undeniably strong and considered as a kage level. Because of that, Sasuke was referred as the ‘Shadow Hokage’, knowing that he’s helping the village behind the scenes regardless of his distance. What makes their fires powerful compare to others was because of their special fires that could only use using their eyes, which was called Amaterasu, a powerful black flames that devours everything.

3. Uchiha Madara

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Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (17)

Anime: Naruto

Uchiha Madara isn’t just one of the remarkable anime characters in Naruto but also to other anime as well, knowing that Madara is one kf the badass villain of all time. Uchiha Madara was undeniably strong because of the fact that he was also belong to the one of the strongest bloodlines in the series, Uchiha Clan.

Uchiha Clan was known for having powerful red eyes called Sharingan, also because of their fire techniques, which symbolize their entire clan. Fire techniques were already in their bloodline, making them achieve it by default and only needs to improve it.

One of the remarkable fire technique that Madara was used was when he confronted hundreds or even thousands of ninjas on his own after he was reanimated. Madara used fire technique to wipe them out all at once, yet he failed. Despite of that, it requires huge numbers of water users just to stop his fire power, showing how truly terrifying he was. Fire techniques weren’t his main power, yet it could already toast anyone in one breath.

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (18)

2. Ryomen Sukuna

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (19)

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

Ryomen Sukuna is the main antagonist of the popular series ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ that became a huge success anime because of his popularity. Despite of being a villain, a lot of fans piqued the interest of a lot of fans, making Ryomen Sukuna’s existence to the series more interesting.

As the King of All Curses, Sukuna killed countless of people on his way, especially back to his generation where he caused a massive bloodbath to humanity. After a long years of absence, Sukuna was once unexpectedly revived by eating his remaining fingers. Sukuna is a fearsome spirit that only few characters could even match him.

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (20)

Sukuna possess an immense amount of cursed energy, superhuman strength, speed, and many more, which truly makes him worthy as a King of All the Curses. But what makes everyone surprise was his ability to manipulate and control fires, knowing that Sukuna’s specialty was slicing and slicing. Sukuna was once showed his fire power to Jogo that caused devastating destruction in an instant.

1. Escanor

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (21)

Anime: Seven Deadly Sins

Escanor was one of the supporting characters on the series Seven Deadly Sins that thrilled a lot of fans by its demonic adventures. He was known as the ‘Lion, Sin of Pride, The Strongest Member of Seven Deadly Sins’. Compare to other characters in the series, Escanor was one of the special characters, knowing that he was just a mere human and nothing more.

His abilities aren’t truly a fire, yet it is a very similar to it. Escanor acquired the power of the ‘Sun’ that gives him an extraordinary strength which could even surpass God from the Underworld or even God in Heaven. Knowing that Escanor’s powers rely solely on the Sun, he is nothing special when the night slosly approaches.

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (22)

With his God-like power during the broad daylight, Escanor could emit tremendous amount of heat, which could even melt anything surrounds him. Escanor possessed superhuman strength that could match up to a God and numbers of techniques using sun.

But what makes him truly powerful and terrifying wasn’t because of his powers he get throughout the day, but the power that he could only use for 1 minute a day when the sun reached its peak, ‘The One’. Using ‘The One’, allows himself to use the full extent of his abilities for a short period of time, yet could even kill anyone in a blink of an eye. Using ‘The One’ longer than 1 minute could make his body turn into ashes knowing that it will slowly consume the life energy of the user.

Top 10 Strongest Fire Users in Anime of All Time (23)


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