Taylor Swift’s Top Collaborations, Ranked: Critics’ Picks (2023)

Taylor Swift is a queen of the modern pop world. But when she joins forces with other artists, especially ones at the top of their game, the songs are automatically a cultural event. Big or small, artists who work with Swift always seem to pair with her voice perfectly — which is probably why she’s done a number of duets throughout her career.

From her first-ever recorded duet with Colbie Caillat on her mainstream breakthrough album Fearlessto a handful of remix features with artists like Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar and Haim, Billboard has rounded up a whopping 31 collaborations Swift has under her belt. We will note that there could be more or less depending on how you define a collaboration. She’s worked with a number of hit-making producers, from Jack Antonoff to Max Martin. She also has a few notable uncredited vocalists and backing vocalists throughout her catalog, including Imogen Heap on “Clean” and Marcus Mumford on “Cowboy Like Me.” There are a couple of live tracks — “Should’ve Said No” with Jonas Brothers and “Big Star” with Kenny Chesney. And we will never forget her teenage-friendly rap track “Thug Story” with T-Pain. But to keep it concise, this list only includes studio-recorded tracks with collaborators credited as a feature.

Now, this ranking was no easy feat. With over 150 entries on the Billboard Hot 100, there’s no doubt Swift is a hitmaker. But even Swifties can agree that some songs simply bop harder than others. “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” with Zayn, for example, is both fresh and focused — and has a Grammy nomination to show for it. “ME!,” featuring Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie, on the other hand… well, let’s just say it’s not our favorite (the music video was fun, though).

Check out where every single one of Swift’s collaborations lands on Billboard‘s ranking below.

  • "The Last Time" feat. Gary Lightbody

    This may be the least celebrated track on Red — perhaps because she didn’t perform it on the Red Tour and it wasn’t a single; perhaps because it’s one of the slowest songs on the album; or perhaps because the other feature on the record is Ed Sheeran. Whatever the reason, as great as both Swift and the Snow Patrol lead singer’s voices sound together, it’s just not a super memorable track. Listen here.

  • "ME!" feat. Brendon Urie

    Taylor Swift’s Top Collaborations, Ranked: Critics’ Picks (1)

    We promise that you’ll never find another Swift track like “ME!” Her 2019 collaboration with the Panic! At The Disco frontman served as the opening to her Lover era, and Swifties aren’t looking back. Definitely not her most masterful piece of work, it’s not her most forgettable, either, boasting a hyper catchy chorus. Plus, Kidz Bop wouldn’t have to make too many changes on their cover of this one. Listen here.

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  • "Long Live" feat. Paula Fernandes

    Probably the least-known collaboration in Swift’s catalog, theSpeak Nowtrack was given an international makeover for the Brazilian release of theSpeak Now World Tour — Live album. Fernandes’ deeper tone complements Swift’s lighter vocals nicely, and it’s cool to hear a country song get a little Latin flair — it just would’ve been even cooler to hear Swift give her Portuguese a try. Listen here.

  • Boys Like Girls' "Two Is Better Than One" feat. Taylor Swift

    Swift helped the typically amped-up rock band behind “The Great Escape” and “Love Drunk” show their more vulnerable side with this love ballad, and it sounds as sweet as the sentiment of the lyrics. Swift’s voice harmonizes beautifully with BLG frontman Martin Johnson’s, and it’s a pretty damn fun to song to belt out, especially with someone else — because two is better than one, duh. Listen here.

  • "Lover (Remix)" feat. Shawn Mendes

    There are plenty of remixes that are better than the original, but unfortunately, Mendes’ assist on “Lover” isn’t one of them. Although his delicate vocals are a sweet pairing for Swift’s, his alternate lyrics in the second verse and the bridge felt mostly unnecessary. Listen here.

  • Ed Sheeran's "The Joker and The Queen" feat. Taylor Swift

    Thanks to all the Easter eggs she left along the way, it was no surprise to Swifties when Ed Sheeran dropped a remix of his = track featuring the pop star. But the best part about the piano-driven ballad? The fact that its music video reunited the young stars of her “Everything Has Changed” music video — nearly 10 years later (cue a collective, “awww”). Listen here.

  • "Safe & Sound" feat. The Civil Wars

    Taylor Swift’s Top Collaborations, Ranked: Critics’ Picks (2)

    The now-defunct indie rock duo brought out Swift’s more tender sidefor thisHunger Games track, her falsetto making for a beautiful tune that almost serves as a lullaby. It’s a Grammy-winning song, even if “Safe & Sound” is one of the slowest on this list. Listen here.

  • B.o.B's "Both of Us" feat. Taylor Swift

    Prior to teaming up with Kendrick, this was Taylor’s first dabble in rap (well, other than that surprise T-Pain parody“Thug Story”). Swift handled the undulating chorus as B.o.B laid down the verses, her soft tone complementing the fast-paced rapper nicely and showing just how versatile her voice is. Our one problem with this track is that she didn’t bust out those rap skills she flaunted with T-Pain. Listen here.

  • Big Red Machine's "Birch" feat. Taylor Swift

    Swift teams up with her Folklore and Evermore collaborators, The National’s Aaron Dessner and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, in a whole new way for Big Red Machine’s 2021 album How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?. One of two Swift features on the indie-folk duo’s album, “Birch” is one of her most experimental collaborations yet. Combining a simple piano melody with piercing dissonance and a jarring beat, Swift’s soft backing vocals offer a sweet calm amidst the storm. Listen here.

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  • John Mayer's "Half of My Heart" feat. Taylor Swift

    Remember when there wasn’t any bad blood between dear John and Taylor? Prior to their seemingly messy breakup (judging by some of the lines in “Dear John,” like “Don’t you think 19’s too young/ To be played by your dark, twisted games?”), Swift and Mayer blessed the world with this delightful love song. Although it’s Swift’s lightest feature, as she really only chimes in for harmonies, her voice adds a nice touch to the pleasant tune, making it a duet that simply puts a smile on your face. Listen here.

  • "End Game" feat. Ed Sheeran and Future

    Taylor Swift’s Top Collaborations, Ranked: Critics’ Picks (3)

    Just seeing the names Ed Sheeran and Future on the same song is enough to know it’s going to be an epic one — and it lives up to its hype. Unlike Swift’s previous collab with Sheeran, “End Game” allows the “Shape of You” singer space to flex his rap muscles, and Future adds just the right amount of Auto-Tune to make it as bountiful sound-wise as it is infectious.

  • "Breathe" feat. Colbie Caillat

    While Swift has a knack for crafting irresistible, upbeat songs, this Fearless track is a reminder that she also has a lovely voice that could practically sing you to sleep. And with Caillat’s voice being just as smooth, “Breathe” is about as beautiful as ballads come, with strings adding an extra layer to the enchanting sound. It may be the most soothing breakup song of all time. Listen here.

  • "Run" feat. Ed Sheeran

    If there’s one thing we’ll never say no to, it’s a Swift/Sheeran collab — and “Run” marks their third. With wispy vocal deliveries and dreamy lyrics, the Red (Taylor’s Version) vault track is pretty good, but it isn’t particularly memorable. Guess there was a reason it didn’t make it on the original album — but we’re sure glad to hear it now. Listen here.

  • "Karma" feat. Ice Spice

    What would make a Midnights fan favorite better? Adding a little Ice Spice on it. For the remix of “Karma,” the 23-year-old breakout rapper put her spin on the idea of what goes around, comes around. “It’s okay, baby, you ain’t gotta worry, karma never gets lazy / So, I keep my head up, my bread up, I won’t let up / Promise that you’ll never endeavor with none lesser / I be draggin’ that wagon, karma is a beautywinning that pageant,” she fires during her verse. Listen here.

  • "Bad Blood" feat. Kendrick Lamar

    Like most Taylor Swift songs, this1989 track was plenty catchy on its own. But with the most celebrated rapper of the 2010s and an even sicker beat, this remix brought the vengeful lyrics to the forefront, emphasizing just how bad that blood really was. Even if the song doesn’t quite do it for you, just watch that explosive Grammy-winning music video — your mind is about to be as blown as the stuff in the clip. Listen here.

  • "I Bet You Think About Me" feat. Chris Stapleton

    Taylor Swift’s Top Collaborations, Ranked: Critics’ Picks (4)

    We can’t think of a better collaborator than Stapleton for Red (Taylor’s Version)‘s most countrified “From The Vault” song. He may not get his own verse, but the Kentucky-born singer-songwriter’s harmonies truly make the track feel complete. It also reigns among Swift’s trademark tongue-in-cheek callout tracks — so it was probably best she take the lead, anyway. Listen here.

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  • "Snow on the Beach" (feat. More Lana Del Rey)

    When Midnights first dropped, fans were disappointed at how little Lana Del Rey is actually heard on their collaboration “Snow on the Beach.” Swift listened to her fans and made things right with her Til Dawn deluxe album, where she included a “More Lana Del Rey” version of the track, in which the songstress gets a whole second verse, instantly making it a fan-favorite. Listen here.

  • "Evermore" feat. Bon Iver

    A simple piano melody is all Swift’s colorful lyricism needs for her album closer, but Bon Iver’s tempo change midway through makes it all the grander. The duo’s follow-up to their duet on Folklore checks off many of the same boxes — including an epic back and forth moment — yet with a hint of optimism. Listen here.

  • "Soon You'll Get Better" feat. The Chicks

    After being the subject of media infatuation for the majority of her twenties, Swift now keeps much of her personal life out of the public eye. It’s through her music that we catch the biggest glimpses of her day-to-day, and her softly sung Lover track is no exception. On one of her most vulnerable works to date, The Chicks offer a subtle yet poignant harmony for a musical dedication to Swift’s mother amidst a battle with breast cancer. Listen here.

  • "That's When" feat. Keith Urban

    Over a decade after opening for Urban’s Escape Together World Tour in 2009, Swift tapped the country star for a Fearless (Taylor’s Version) vault track penned in that same era. “That’s When” is everything we could want from a country post-breakup duet — two vocalists sharing their POVs before joining forces in magnificent harmony. Listen here.

  • "You All Over Me" feat. Maren Morris

    Of all the “From The Vault” tracks from Swift’s 2021 re-recording of her 2008 crossover album, “You All Over Me” is Fearless-core at its finest. The ballad continues the album’s streak of rain references while harking back to teenage Taylor’s quintessentially country roots — complete with fiddles and a harmonica. Plus, Morris’ low harmony on the chorus only makes her abilities as a songwriter shine brighter. Listen here.

  • Sugarland's "Babe" feat. Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift’s Top Collaborations, Ranked: Critics’ Picks (5)

    Even if it didn’t have Taylor on backing vocals, “Babe” is a 2012-era Swift track to the bone: a country-pop breakup song with an addictive hook and a heart-clenching bridge. Co-written by Swift, the song was intended for Red but didn’t make the final cut. Country duo Sugarland released “Babe” as a single in 2018, with guest vocals from Swift. It did, however, eventually find its way back home as a “From the Vault” track on her Red (Taylor’s Version) album re-record in 2021. Listen here.

  • Big Red Machine's "Renegade" feat. Taylor Swift

    Unlike “Birch,” Swift takes the vocal lead in the second of her two features on Big Red Machine’s 2021 album. With a characteristically dreamlike folk-pop sound, it would make it a seamless addition to her pandemic-era Folklore or Evermore albums. It didn’t — but we’re glad it found its way into the world somehow. Listen here.

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  • "Coney Island" feat. The National

    After working closely with Aaron Dessner for her first pandemic-era album Folklore, Swift invites the rest of his band for a track off its sister album, Evermore. Swift and The National frontman Matt Berninger hammer it out in a breakup ballad packed with imagery and complex feelings. When the two voices join forces, you can’t help but feel nostalgic and woefully reminiscent — whether you can directly relate to the song’s lyrics or not. Listen here.

  • Haim's "Gasoline (Remix)" feat. Taylor Swift

    With a friendship that goes back years, Swift is essentially the fourth member of Haim — and in joining the sister trio for a remix of “Gasoline” off their 2020 album Women In Music Pt. III, she proves she’d fit in flawlessly. On this feminist power anthem, Swift puts her prowess on full display in the second verse: “You did me bad/ And I did it back/ You needed a–, well, what’s /Wrong with that?” she sings boldly. Listen here.

  • "Nothing New" feat. Phoebe Bridgers

    Sure, not everyone can truly understand the fleeting nature of fame. But women especially can relate to the pressure to consistently exceed expectations to stay relevant. That’s the theme of Swift’s “Nothing New” — her most personal and vulnerable “From The Vault” track off Red (Taylor’s Version). And Bridgers, in the midst of her own rise to stardom, is a compelling and thoughtful addition. Listen here.

  • Tim McGraw's "Highway Don’t Care" with Taylor Swift feat. Keith Urban

    Taylor Swift’s Top Collaborations, Ranked: Critics’ Picks (6)

    We’re just going to come right out and say it: This is quite possibly one of the most underrated country songs of all time. All Swift really provided was a repeated “I can’t live without you, I can’t live without you baby” and a few harmonies, but that’s all we need to fall in love with the song. Plus, it was a full-circle moment for Swift, who paid tribute to the country superstar with her very first single seven years prior to this duet. What is there not to love? Listen here.

  • "No Body, No Crime" feat. Haim

    Adultery, friendship, murder and revenge are the centerpiece of this fan-favorite Evermore track. In showing off her storytelling skills, Swift invites Haim for eerie backing vocals and even makes Este (one of the rock trio’s members) its main character. Even for an album filled with stories that aren’t necessarily hers, Swift takes a risk with “No Body, No Crime” — and the payoff is everything and more. Listen here.

  • "Everything Has Changed" feat. Ed Sheeran

    Swifties are well aware that Taylor and Ed are best buds, and their silky voices work together so well that it makes you wish they’d do a full album of duets. Fortunately for those itching for more Sheeran and Swift got it with “End Game,” but it’s pretty tough to beat the loveliness of their first time singing together. Listen here.

  • "I Don’t Wanna Live Forever" with Zayn

    Taylor Swift’s Top Collaborations, Ranked: Critics’ Picks (7)

    What do you get when you put two falsetto champs together on one track? Well, in success terms,a No. 2 spot on the Hot 100 and aGrammy nomination —but in song terms, a total belt-alongsmash. Both Taylorand Zayn’svocals are as haunting as they are impressive on theFifty Shades Darker track, making it so much more than just a song for a movie. Listen here.

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  • "Exile" feat. Bon Iver

    Bon Iver and Swift’s first collaboration is everything we want from a breakup duet and more: two contrasting perspectives on a shared story, a heartbreaking yet invigorating melody and a pair of passionate vocalists who put their hearts on the line. Justin Vernon was a brilliant choice of a duet partner — alongside her delicate tone, his deep register contributes an even deeper meaning to the song’s masterful lyrics. And that overlapping conversation in the bridge? No notes. Listen here.


Taylor Swift’s Top Collaborations, Ranked: Critics’ Picks? ›

It reflects how the commentator feels about himself (or herself) when he listens to the artist. If Bob Lefetz writes that Talyor Swift "can't sing" -- it is mean. It's not a nice thing to say out loud, but it's not criticism. It's his judgment.

What did Bob Lefsetz say about Taylor Swift? ›

It reflects how the commentator feels about himself (or herself) when he listens to the artist. If Bob Lefetz writes that Talyor Swift "can't sing" -- it is mean. It's not a nice thing to say out loud, but it's not criticism. It's his judgment.

Why is Taylor Swift the greatest performer of all time? ›

Unmatched Musical Talent.

Swift has a unique musical ability that is unmatched in the world of contemporary pop, and her compositions are just as inventive and catchy. She continually creates songs that completely engross the listener, from captivating beats to catchy choruses and smart bridges.

What is Taylor Swift's biggest hit song? ›

1. You Belong with Me. Taking the top spot on our list is 'You Belong With Me' Tay Tay's country music classic that has withstood the test of time. Released in 2009 as the third single from her second studio album 'Fearless', the song is quintessential Taylor Swift and tells the timeless story of unrequited love.

Who did Taylor Swift write Bad Blood about? ›

Writing and composition

Swift wrote "Bad Blood" about an undisclosed female musician. She revealed in a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone that this female peer, whom she had thought of as a close friend of hers, attempted to sabotage one of her concert tours by hiring people who worked for her.

What did Adele say about Taylor Swift? ›

In the midst of her performance on Friday evening, Adele told the audience, “If anyone is going to see Taylor tomorrow, I'm f-cking jealous. You know I love her.”

What did John Mayer say about Taylor Swift songwriting? ›

Two year later, Mayer shared his feelings about the song. He slammed Swift for what he called "cheap songwriting," in an interview with Rolling Stone, saying she "humiliated" him. "It made me feel terrible. Because I didn't deserve it.

Is Taylor Swift more successful than the Beatles? ›

Taylor Swift has broken The Beatles' long-held chart record for having the fastest run of three number one albums. Swift's re-recorded LP Fearless (Taylor's Version) topped the UK chart on Friday, following the success of her recent efforts Folklore and Evermore.

Who has more awards Michael Jackson or Taylor Swift? ›

However, she's still got a long way to go to achieve some of the many other highs of Jackson's four-decade-spanning career; the numbers for the prestigious awards we've listed show Jackson taking home a total of 80 more trophies than Swift.

How many #1 hits has Taylor Swift had? ›

With 189 chart entries on the Billboard Hot 100 (including 9 number-ones and 40 top-tens), Swift is the female artist with the most charted songs in the United States.

What is Taylor Swift's number one song ever? ›

Besides “Anti-Hero” and “Blank Space,” she's had chart-toppers with “Shake It Off” (four weeks at No. 1), “Look What You Made Me Do” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (three weeks each at the top) and “All Too Well (Taylor's Version),” “Willow,” “Cardigan” and “Bad Blood” (each enjoying a single week at No.

Which Taylor Swift album is most successful? ›

'1989′ Swift's 2014 album '1989′ stands out as the best-selling album ever released by the artist. In total, the album has sold over 14,332,116 copies worldwide and dominated the charts in the year of its release.

What is Taylor Swift's biggest show? ›

Swift performed the first show of her 52-show tour through North America at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. With more than 69,000 people in attendance, Taylor Swift has officially broken the record for the highest attended concert for a female artist in the U.S..

Who's a better singer Katy Perry or Taylor Swift? ›

Katy is a well trained singer . she specializes in opera singing. CONCLUSION : Taylor's live performances lack flaws . Taylor 's voice doesn't become pitchy and thus taylor is a better performer .

Why did Taylor and Karlie stop being friends? ›

Although both camps deny this happened, a source admits that the two had a tiff that turned into “something crazy.” “Taylor got upset over something crazy and then she just alienated Karlie,” she told The Post.

Are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry cousins? ›

According to the site MyHeritage.com, Perry and Swift are "ninth cousins," but during an appearance on Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp, Perry clarified that as far as she knows, there's no family blood, bad or not, between the two stars.

What did Lady Gaga say about Taylor Swift? ›

Lady Gaga Calls Taylor Swift 'Really Brave' for Opening Up About Eating Disorder. Swift first opened up about her struggles with food and body image in her 2020 documentary Miss Americana.

Who has sold more albums Taylor Swift or Adele? ›

Adele was the second-best selling artist with 952,000 copies sold across her catalog last year, and Swift was No. 3 with 898,000 copies sold. Collectively, BTS, Adele and Swift represented 7.1% of all CD album sales in 2021 — BTS with 2.54% of that whole, Adele with 2.35% and Swift with 2.21%.

What was Adele's illness? ›

The singer told fans during her New Year's Eve show in Las Vegas that she suffers from sciatica, a condition which can cause strong pains down one or both legs from the lower back.

Did Harry Styles write anything about Taylor Swift? ›

The second single from One Direction's fifth and final studio album, Made in the A.M., "Perfect" was co-written by Harry and Louis Tomlinson and is widely believed to be about the pop star, with James Corden directly asking Harry about the song's inspiration in a 2015 interview.

What happened between Tom Hiddleston and Taylor? ›

She tried to be OK with it in the beginning but fears he is in love with the idea of her and not falling in love with her for the right reasons." However, Taylor wasn't happy with Tom's desire to make their relationship so public and they ended up breaking up in August 2016.

Who said Taylor doesn't write her own songs? ›

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, British musician Damon Albarn denounced Swift as a songwriter, saying, “She doesn't write her own songs.” When the interviewer pointed out that Swift does, in fact, write and cowrite her music, he doubled down. “That doesn't count.

Is Taylor Swift the best-selling artist of all time? ›

Taylor Swift has now entered the Top 30 best-selling artists of all time (CSPC), becoming the sole representative of 21st-century artists. 1. The Beatles — 422,132,000 2. Michael Jackson — 336,947,000 3.

Is Taylor Swift bigger than Michael Jackson? ›

Taking to press, Music Week announced that Swift has sold 22.4 million album-equivalent units across all platforms in 2022. This beats Jackson's record for the biggest sales year by any artist this century. He previously sold 21 million units in 2009 after his passing.

Who was the most talented musician in The Beatles? ›

Conclusion: Paul Was The Greatest Beatle

One thing that can be safely said is that John was not the lone artistic driving force behind the Beatles as he sometime tried to portray himself post-Beatles, and Paul can confidently claim his place as one of the two best songwriters that ever existed.

Who has more awards Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift? ›

Underwood has won 11 Academy of Country Music Awards; Swift, six, with Swift having won coveted Entertainer of the Year honors the past two years after Underwood claimed the title in 2008 and 2009. Swift has won seven Country Music Association Awards; Underwood, five.

What is the best selling album of all time? ›

Michael Jackson's Thriller, estimated to have sold 70 million copies worldwide, is the best-selling album ever. Jackson also currently has the highest number of albums on the list with five, Celine Dion has four, while the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Madonna and Whitney Houston each have three.

What singer has the most awards ever? ›

The record for the most Grammy Awards won in a lifetime is held by Beyoncé, an American singer, songwriter, record producer and dancer, who has won 32.

Is Taylor Swift a billionaire? ›

Swift's net worth was $570 million in 2022, according to Forbes.

Which Taylor Swift single has sold the most copies? ›

Singles CSPC results
  • 2008 – Taylor Swift – Love Story [Fearless] – 7,230,000.
  • 2014 – Taylor Swift – Shake It Off [1989] – 5,570,000.
  • 2014 – Taylor Swift – Blank Space [1989] – 5,390,000.
  • 2008 – Taylor Swift – You Belong with Me [Fearless] – 4,830,000.
  • 2012 – Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble [Red] – 3,740,000.
Nov 3, 2022

Is Taylor Swift one of the biggest artists? ›

As of May 19, 2023, The Beatles have the highest total certified albums and Drake has the highest total certified digital singles. Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Eminem, and Taylor Swift are the only acts in the top 30 of both lists.

What song held #1 the longest? ›

"Old Town Road" holds the record for the longest stretch at No. 1 with 19 weeks. It also became the fastest song in history to be certified diamond. "The Box" charted at No.

How many songs does Taylor Swift have all together? ›

Taylor Swift's Music History

She has released over 200 songs during her career, and 14 of them have hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Her album 1989 was the highest selling album of 2014 in the US, and she is well known for writing songs about her personal life experiences.

Did Taylor Swift have all top 10 songs? ›

9, 2022. Taylor Swift has taken over the entire Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming the first-ever artist to so do. All 10 songs atop this week's Hot 100 come from Swift's album Midnights, which was released on Oct. 21.

Has Taylor Swift sold more albums than Shania Twain? ›

While Swift passed that record Shania is still the top-selling female country artist of all time though with more than 90 million albums sold worldwide and her album Come On Over is the best-selling album in Soundscan history by a female artist in any genre with an incredible 40 million units sold worldwide. Wow!

What is Taylor Swift's longest album? ›

Speak Now
LabelBig Machine
ProducerNathan Chapman Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift chronology
10 more rows

Is Taylor Swift a successful singer? ›

With 12 Grammy wins and 46 nominations, Taylor Swift has continued to prove herself as a powerhouse in the music industry. Starting her career at 16 and gaining popularity instantly with her single “Tim McGraw,” the singer has only continued to prove that she is deserving all of the awards and praise that come her way.

What was Taylor Swift's best concert? ›

1. “Wildest Dreams” and “Enchanted” mash-up, the 1989 World Tour.

What is the highest selling tour in US history? ›

Adjusted for inflation, U2's tour remains the highest-grossing tour worldwide. Guns N' Roses' Not in This Lifetime... Tour is the highest-grossing tour by an American act. The Rolling Stones, had claimed the highest-grossing tour multiple times, with the latest being A Bigger Bang Tour (currently the fifth).

What is the highest attended concert of all time? ›

Rod Stewart holds the current world record for the largest concert performance. He performed on Copacabana Beach on New Year's Eve in 1994 for 3.5 million people.

Who famously interrupted Taylor Swift's speech? ›

Kanye West notoriously interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Actor Taylor Lautner can't seem to let go of Kanye West's infamous interaction with singer Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, more than a decade after the fiasco shocked viewers.

Who is the guy that said Taylor Swift doesn t write her own songs? ›

In the interview, Wood described Swift as an "excellent songwriter," to which Albarn quipped that "she doesn't write her own songs." When the journalist restated that Swift writes her own songs and co-writes others, Albarn disagreed.

Who apologised to Taylor Swift? ›

“I totally agree with you,” Albarn tweeted in response to Swift's remarks. “I had a conversation about songwriting and sadly it was reduced to clickbait. I apologise unreservedly and unconditionally. The last thing I would want to do is discredit your songwriting.

What song did Harry Styles right about Taylor Swift? ›

"Two Ghosts"

Styles! When asked by Nick Grimshaw on his Radio 1 show if the song was about Taylor, Harry said, "I mean I think it's pretty like self-explanatory.

Did Kanye West ever apologize to Taylor Swift? ›

September 15, 2009: Taylor Swift reveals that Kanye West called her to apologize. "Kanye did call me and he was very sincere in his apology, and I accepted that apology," the "Blank Space" singer told ABC Radio in 2009.

How did Taylor Swift lose her reputation? ›

People spammed her social media with the snake emoji, and as a result Swift deleted all of her posts and began the “reputation” era, during which she reclaimed the snake, did almost no public appearances, and began a new era of her relationship with the media.

How old was Jake Gyllenhaal when he dated Taylor? ›

(Although, the evidence does add up…) Jokes and memes about a Gyllenhaal reckoning flood the internet alongside think pieces debating at what point an age gap is inappropriate. (Swift was 20 when they dated; he was 29.)

Why can t Taylor own her music? ›

Why doesn't Swift own her masters? The majority of Swift's work was released under a deal she signed with Big Machine Records when she was 15, which gave the record label ownership of her masters.

What songs has Taylor Swift not written? ›

In addition to solo material, Swift has recorded two songs as a featured artist without a writing credit: "Highway Don't Care" (Tim McGraw, 2013) and "Birch" (Big Red Machine, 2021).

What songs has Taylor Swift written but not sang? ›

  • Taylor Swift wrote "Better Man" and sent it to the band Little Big Town. ...
  • Miley Cyrus' "You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home" was written by Swift. ...
  • "Best Days of Your Life" was cowritten by Kellie Pickler and Swift. ...
  • Swift also helped to write the song "Babe" for Sugarland.
Dec 13, 2022

Who is Taylor Swift's biggest enemy? ›

1. Katy Perry. This is one for the history books. It all started when Katy accused Taylor of poaching all her backup dancers for her Red tour.

What Taylor Swift song is about Tom Hiddleston? ›

Getaway Car” by Taylor Swift – About Tom Hiddleston

In order to understand how “Getaway Car” is about Tom Hiddleston, it's important to have a little background on how their relationship started. Tom Hiddleston started dating Taylor in 2016 after her breakup with Calvin Harris.

Did Taylor Swift date Zac Efron? ›

Both deny the rumors, however, and it doesn't seem like Efron was attached to any of the songs on "Red." The pair did write a song about their relationship, denying the dating rumors through a parody of Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks" on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show.


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3. RANKING EVERY SONG ON MIDNIGHTS BY TAYLOR SWIFT ✨🎸🕰️ (+ 3am tracks and hits different)
(Ally Sheehan)
4. Ranking taylor swift's studio albums with a dance moms pyramid
5. Ranking Taylor Swift’s Midnights (with 3am tracks) // i love this album so much
(Nena Shelby)
6. The 50 Most UNDERRATED Female Albums By Critics / Based On Metacritic Score ☹️


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