Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (2023)

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (1)

Who is Loba’s Voice Actor?

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (2)

Loba, the sultry and sophisticated Brazilian thief, is one of the most beloved new characters of Apex Legends, the popular first-person shooter video game. Since her debut in Season 5, Loba has captured the hearts and imaginations of countless fans worldwide. Part of her charm and appeal comes from her unique voice and accent, which are the work of one of the most talented voice actresses in the industry. So, who is Loba’s voice actor?

The voice behind Loba is none other than Mela Lee, a Korean-American actress, singer, and voice artist. She was born on July 31, 1976, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She’s a highly skilled and versatile actress, with extensive experience in anime, video games, and film dubbing. Some of her most notable roles include Rin Tohsaka in the Fate/stay night series, Yuki Cross in Vampire Knight, and Tikki in Miraculous Ladybug.

Lee’s voice acting career began in the early 2000s, where she landed several smaller roles in anime series. Over time, her talent and hard work paid off, and she started landing more significant roles, showcasing her acting range and versatility. Her breakthrough came in 2006, when she landed the role of Rachel Alucard in the hit video game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. Since then, she’s become one of the most sought after voice actors in the industry and worked on numerous high-profile projects.

Lee’s performance as Loba in Apex Legends is nothing short of outstanding. She gives the character a unique personality, combining charm, wit, and sassiness, which perfectly matches her in-game abilities and playstyle. Many fans have praised her for the authenticity of her Brazilian accent, which she delivers flawlessly, enhancing the immersion of the game.

In a recent interview, Lee shared some insights into her approach to voice acting and the challenges of playing a character like Loba. She emphasized the importance of understanding the character’s backstory, personality, and motivations, to capture their essence and bring them to life. She also mentioned the need to adapt to the script and convey the right emotions and attitude in each line.

Lee’s impressive talent and experience make her a valuable asset to the voice acting industry, and her portrayal of Loba has cemented her place as one of the best voice actresses of our time.

The Career of Loba’s Voice Actor

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (3)

Loba, the newest character in Apex Legends, has become a fan favorite since her introduction in Season 5. Her sultry, seductive voice lines and Portuguese accent have garnered enthusiasm from gamers worldwide. Who is the talented voice actor behind Loba? Meet Mela Lee.

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Mela Lee has been a prominent voice actress in the gaming and anime scene for over a decade. Her career in voice acting started in the early 2000s, where she voiced several minor characters in anime series. She gained much recognition for her roles as Rin Tohsaka in Fate/Stay Night and Yuki Cross in Vampire Knight.

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (4)

Not only is she a voice actor, but she is also a singer and songwriter. Mela has released multiple albums throughout her career and has performed at various anime conventions worldwide. She even co-wrote and performed the opening theme for Netflix’s ‘Yasuke.’ It’s no surprise that she has fans from all over the world who admire both her voice acting and music.

Aside from gaming and anime, Mela Lee has also lent her voice to commercials, audio books, and television series, making her one of the most versatile voice actresses in the industry. Her voice has been heard in several notable video games, including ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses,’ ‘The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel,’ and ‘Street Fighter V.’

Her big break in the gaming industry came when she landed the role of Tiki in ‘Fire Emblem Awakening,’ one of the top RPG games for the Nintendo 3DS. From then on, she has been a highly sought-after voice actress in several video games. Her ability to infuse emotion into each character she portrays has gained her much recognition and praise from both fans and critics alike.

Mela Lee’s diverse career is a testament to her talent and passion for voice acting. Her performances in various anime and video games have made her a household name in the gaming and anime community. As for her role as Loba, fans are excited to see what Mela Lee has in store for the character’s development in future updates of Apex Legends.

One thing is for sure; Mela Lee’s voice acting career is a force to be reckoned with, and her charismatic performance as Loba in Apex Legends is no exception.

How Loba’s Voice Actor Brings Her to Life

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (5)

Loba is one of the most beloved characters in Apex Legends, and part of the reason for that is her voice. Her sultry, confident, and slightly dangerous tone is immediately recognizable and helps to make her stand out against the other legends. However, bringing a character like Loba to life takes more than just a good voice; it takes a talented voice actor who can imbue the character with personality and charm. So, who is the voice behind Apex Legends’ Loba, and how does she work her magic?

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (6)

(Video) Apex Legends - Loba GMV The Principal

The Voice Behind Loba

Loba’s voice actor is Fryda Wolff, a Los Angeles-based performer who specializes in voice acting for video games and animation. Wolff has lent her voice to a variety of popular games over the years, including Mass Effect: Andromeda, Destiny 2, and Hearthstone. She’s also known for her work in anime, playing characters in shows like Sword Art Online and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

In an interview with GameCrate, Wolff explained that she was drawn to the role of Loba because of the character’s confidence and ability to hold her own. “She’s so fierce and independent,” she said. “I loved that she has a little bit of a chip on her shoulder, but at the same time, she’s incredibly charming.”

Bringing Loba to Life

So, how does Wolff bring such a complex character like Loba to life through her voice? According to her, it’s all about tapping into the character’s emotions and motivations.

“Loba is very driven by her need for revenge, but at the same time, she’s incredibly capable and confident,” Wolff said in an interview with Inverse. “So when I’m performing her lines in the booth, I have to really focus on those two aspects of her personality. I have to bring that bite to her voice when she’s talking about her past and her desire for revenge, but also make sure that she has that charm and charisma that make her such a likable character.”

Wolff also cites the writing and direction of the game as crucial components of bringing Loba to life. “The writers did an amazing job crafting her backstory and motivations, so that makes my job a lot easier,” she said. “And the director of the game, Amanda Wyatt, is incredible at guiding me through the recording process and helping me to tap into the character’s emotions.”

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (7)

The Legacy of Loba’s Voice

Loba’s voice has quickly become one of the most iconic in the world of gaming, and it’s all thanks to the work of Fryda Wolff. She’s created a character who is strong, independent, and fiercely loyal, with a voice that is both alluring and dangerous. By tapping into Loba’s motivations and emotions, Wolff has brought this complex character to life and made her a fan favorite in the Apex Legends community.

As Apex Legends continues to grow and evolve, fans can look forward to hearing more from Loba, and hopefully, more of Fryda Wolff’s incredible voice acting.

Behind the Scenes with Loba’s Voice Actor

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (8)

The character of Loba in Apex Legends has achieved worldwide popularity due to her smooth voice and witty dialogues. However, the voice behind Loba may surprise many. Erika Ishii is the Japanese-American actress, gamer, and tech host, who has given life to Loba’s character voice. Here’s what happened behind the scenes with Loba’s voice actor:

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Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (9)

1. Origin of Loba’s voice: Erika has worked on various video games before voicing Loba’s character, but according to her, Loba’s voice was quite different. She revealed that her voice naturally sounds higher and bubbly, but she wanted to add a more seductive and husky tone to Loba. She also took reference from various actresses to perfect her velvet voice, including Gena Rowlands and Cate Blanchett. Erika stated that it was fun to get to know Loba and play with her different sides.

2. Challenges faced: Erika explained that voicing a character in a video game is quite different from other mediums, where there is no interaction or relationship between the characters. As a voice actor, Erika didn’t have any direct interaction with the other actors, so it was hard to understand the group dynamics and relationships. However, Erika successfully portrayed Loba’s playful and flirtatious nature, combined with her mission to avenge her parents, making her one of the most loved characters in the game.

3. Loba’s dialogues: Loba has a great sense of humor and delivers several sassy one-liners throughout the game. Erika revealed that she loves delivering Loba’s sarcastic dialogues, especially the ones like, “I’m honored, they call me when they want the best.” She further said that it’s a delightful challenge to deliver Loba’s lines with a playful tone while keeping her edgy character in mind.

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (10)

4. Diversity in the gaming industry: Erika is a strong advocate of diversity and representation in the gaming industry. She expressed that there is a lack of diversity, and the gaming industry needs more representation from women and minorities. Erika further discussed her journey as a Japanese-American actress and gamer and how she always wanted to portray characters that represent her and her culture. She also added that her contribution to Loba’s character has helped to bring diversity and representation to the gaming industry.

In conclusion, Erika Ishii has made Loba’s character a fan favorite through her unique and captivating voice acting. Her contribution to Loba’s character has added diversity and representation to the gaming industry, while also bringing joy and entertainment to Apex Legends fans worldwide.

The Impact of Loba’s Voice Actor on the Gaming Industry

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (11)

Voice acting in video games has become a crucial part of the gaming industry over the past few decades. Great voice acting can improve a game’s storytelling abilities, increase player immersion, and elevate the overall gaming experience. One of the most significant impacts on the recent gaming industry was Abbie Heppe’s performance as the voice actor of Loba in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends.

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (12)

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Abbie Heppe’s performance as Loba earned her critical acclaim and paved the way for other voice actors to take on more significant roles in the gaming industry. Her captivating performance provided depth and emotion to Loba’s backstory while creating an immersive experience that players could lose themselves in. Heppe’s portrayal of Loba helped expand Apex Legends’ lore, creating unforgettable moments in the game.

Broadening Representation in Gaming

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (13)

Abbie Heppe’s performance in Apex Legends has also broadened representation in gaming. Heppe is not only a talented voice actor, but she is also a member of the LGBT community. Her portrayal of Loba was a significant step forward in LGBT representation in the gaming industry. It helped to foster greater inclusivity and representation of different communities in gaming. Heppe’s work on Apex Legends serves as a great example of how diverse representation can enhance the gaming industry, making it more inclusive, and appealing to players of all backgrounds.

Revolutionizing Performance Capture Technology

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (14)

Abbie Heppe’s performance as Loba was aided by performance capture technology, revolutionizing the way voice actors perform in games. With the help of motion capture technology, actors like Heppe can perform in a motion capture suit, and their movements and facial expressions are recorded and transferred to the game’s digital character. This technology allows actors to perform in a more natural way, with their movements and actions translating more realistically into the game.

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (15)

Performance capture technology has helped create richer and more realistic characters in video games, making them more relatable and human-like. Abbie Heppe’s performance as Loba is a testament to the power of performance capture technology, proving that when combined with great voice acting, it can create unforgettable characters that players can genuinely connect with.

Setting a New Standard

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (16)

Abbie Heppe’s work as Loba’s voice actor has set a new standard for voice acting in video games. Her captivating performance, combined with the groundbreaking performance capture technology, has helped elevate the gaming industry and set the benchmark for what great voice acting can achieve in the future. Her work has influenced other voice actors, inspiring them to pursue more significant roles in the industry and to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Meet the Voice Behind Apex Legends' Loba, the Master Thief - | Game News Portal (17)

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In conclusion, Abbie Heppe’s performance as Loba in Apex Legends has had a lasting impact on the gaming industry. Her portrayal of Loba was ground-breaking in its depth, diversity and realism, helping create a more inclusive gaming environment. Heppe’s work has also revolutionized performance capture technology, setting a new standard for voice acting in video games. Her legacy will continue to inspire new generations of gamers and actors to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming industry.


Who is the voice behind Loba? ›

Fryda Wolff

Is Loba from Apex Mexican? ›

She is of Brazilian descent as hinted by banner frames, music theme influence, and conceptualization.

Who does Loba flirt with? ›

From then on, Valkyrie was the person that Loba shared her fears and insecurities with. In-game, both would flirt with each other during voice lines.

How old is Loba this year? ›

11 more rows

Who is Loba girlfriend apex? ›

Valkyrie's Flirtation With Loba Is More Than Teasing

Soaring high into the game in season 10, Valkyrie is the daughter of a Titan pilot Viper, who fans may remember from Titanfall 2. She's also openly gay and has some of the game's most flirtatious dialogue with Loba.

What gender is Loba? ›

Loba Andrade, femme fatale and survivor of Revenant's brutal assassination from when she was a young child, was added to Apex Legends during Season 5. A thief and socialite, she joined the games to get her revenge but her goal has since changed.

Does Loba mean wolf? ›

Loba) (Spanish for "wolf") is a racial category for a mixed-race person used in Mexican paintings illustrating the caste (casta) system in 17th- and 18th-century Spanish America.

Is Apex bloodhound a girl? ›

*taps mic* Bloodhound is non-binary.

Who is Loba's father apex? ›

Background. Loba Andrade was born in 2699 to professional thieves, Alanza & Marcos Andrade.

Is fuse dating bloodhound? ›

Bloodhound admits they love Fuse, but are afraid of losing them like they lost Boone. Fuse comforts Bloodhound and they embrace, then kiss. One of Apex Legends players' favorite ships is now canon.

Does Loba like bloodhound? ›

Bloodhound is shown to be best friends with Loba as they bonded over their traumatic past and always make time for one another (Pathfinder's Quest).

Who is Loba Burglar's best friend? ›

Loba's tactical ability is Burglar's Best Friend, which sees her throw her bracelet and teleport to it. You can activate the teleportation early or wait for it to automatically teleport you when it reaches its maximum distance.

Who is the oldest female in Apex? ›

Valkyrie – 31 years old

She built a jetpack in honor of her father's memory and uses it to outmaneuver opponents in Apex Games.

Who is the tallest legend in Apex? ›

The only thing that is really known about Pathfinder is his height. Pathfinder is six-foot-two, making him one of the taller characters in the game.

Does Valkyrie flirt with Loba? ›

The Throuple - Bangalore, Loba and Valkyrie

But during the mission, Valkyrie started to flirt with Loba and when they got back just in time to hear Bangalore's infamous, “We're just friends.” The daughter of Viper was there to catch the translocating thief when she fell.

What is Loba apex full name? ›

Loba Andrade is a Support-Type legend in Apex Legends. This legend was released alongside Apex Legend's fifth season, Fortune's Favor. Players can unlock Loba with 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins ($9.99 USD).

What accent is Loba? ›

Despite Sombra and Reyna being Mexican, Raze being Brazillian, and Loba's heritage being unspecified, all four have practically the same Ambiguously Hispanic accent that has been decided by (often white or non-Latinx) voice acting directors.

Is Loba getting a swimsuit skin? ›

The actual Loba swimsuit skin is much more modest than a lot of the fan made ideas and Seer's beachwear shows more skin than she does. Loba's swimsuit skin from the Sun Squad Collection Event in Apex Legends.

What does Loba mean in English? ›

loba {adjective}

greedy {adj.}

What planet is Loba from? ›

He was created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, and first appeared in Omega Men #3 (June 1983). He is an alien from the utopian planet of Czarnia, and works as an interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter. Lobo in Lobo Unbound #1 (August 2003), by Alex Horley.

What language does Loba speak? ›

The Lobas speak the Tibeto Burman language and follow different sects of Tibetan Buddhism.

Is Octane a girl? ›

Son of the preoccupied CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals and wanting for nothing in life, he entertained himself by performing death-defying stunts and posting holovids of them for his fans to gawk over.

Did Bloodhound have a boyfriend? ›

Later in their life, Bloodhound met a man named Boone. Boone was a renowned hunter, looking for an elusive creature known as óséður (unseen) and his path soon crossed with Bloodhound's. Hunting together for a long time, the two became very close, to the point of Bloodhound calling Boone their lover.

Is Pathfinder a girl? ›

For the background of the subject in Apex Legends universe, see Pathfinder (character).
Real NameMRVN
Date of BirthFeb 04, 2658
14 more rows

Who killed Valkyrie's dad apex? ›

Soon after this incident, Viper left to escort the Ark during the Battle of Typhon, where he was killed by Jack Cooper and his Vanguard-class Titan BT-7274. Not knowing who killed him, Imahara blamed Kuben Blisk for her father's death.

Who killed Loba's dad? ›

In one of his assassination missions, Revenant killed Loba's both parents in front of the kid's eyes. Since then, Loba never forgets about the Revenant face as the robot who killed her most beloved ones.

Why is Loba's heirloom a fan? ›

Loba Brings a Literal Heirloom Weapon

Before it became a dangerous weapon of war, the Garra de Alanza was a regular fan owned by Loba's mother, Alanza Andrade. After her death at the hands of Revenant, Alanza's fan made its way into a museum where it was "reclaimed" (i.e. stolen) by Loba and her partner-in-crime Jaime.

Is Bloodhound voiced by a girl? ›

Voice actress Allegra Clark revealed that Bloodhound's voice had been lowered a few pitches in post-production to better fit the hunter.

How did Fuse apex lose his eye? ›

Seeing it as the ultimate betrayal to her and their planet, she removes the pin from the gold grenade and detonates it. The incident results in Fuse losing his arm, badly injuring his eye and declaring his truce with Max over before leaving.

Who is Ash real crush? ›

Serena is Ash's True Love in the Pokémon Anime, Not Misty

Throughout XY and XYZ, it is made very clear that Serena has a crush on him, with it even being discussed by other characters - including Serena's romantic rival, Miette.

Which girl Ash loves? ›

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Ash returns feelings only for Misty, to whom he is always very fond of; this is shown by his attitudes and by the way he talks about her to other friends.

Are Wraith and Mirage a couple? ›

According to the canon, they are best friends, in which Wraith plays the role of the serious and cold person who acts reasonable, and Mirage is the funny person who always has a joke to tell.

What is Loba favorite gun? ›

Mastiff Shotgun /EVA-8 Auto &R-99 / Volt SMG

Although the EVA-8 is most preferred for her, if you find a Mastiff first pick it up and you can always swap to an EVA later.

Who does mirage like in apex? ›

Rampart and Mirage

The biggest obvious issue with the realization of this romantic relationship is that it's largely one-sided because Rampart is the one that fancies Mirage.

Who does Valkyrie like apex? ›

Valkyrie started flirting with Loba immediately, calling Loba beautiful.

Who is Gibraltar's ex boyfriend in Apex Legends? ›

Nikolas is Gibraltar's ex-boyfriend and former participant in the Apex Games. It is mentioned that Nikolas and Gibraltar shared their first kiss at the now-submerged Thunderdome on Kings Canyon, where the Apex Games originally happened.

What is the rarest Loba? ›

Loba, the game's character with the best sense of fashion, has some of the rarest skins in the game, including Game Master, Breaking the Law, PS Plus skins, Huntswoman, and Poison Dart.

What does Revenant want from Loba? ›

Loba began to feel conflicted once she learned that Revenant wanted her to find his source code and kill him, as Revenant desperately wants to die so he can be at peace.

Who is the youngest apex player? ›

Conversation. This is Lilfredson, a kid who has been gaming with his dad since he was 3, and now the youngest player to ever get Predator in Apex Legends He is just 9 years old...

Are there any female apex pros? ›

Only a few women have ever competed in the Apex Legends Global Series. Lauren 'GuhRL' Habibi, Elvira 'Esdesu' Temirova, and Kornelia 'Sabz' Zawistowska are the most recognisable names from the ALGS, but there's a whole host of talent surfing in the wake of these pioneering women.

Who is every girl from Apex? ›

In the base game, players have the option of 3 different women when they play. Wraith and Bangalore are offensive choices, while Lifeline is a support character that helps heal other players.

Who is the weakest legend Apex? ›

Showcasing 5 worst legends in Apex Legends Season 16
  1. Mirage. Image Credit: EA Sports. Mirage is one of the OG legends that came out with the game. ...
  2. Revenant. Image Credit: EA Sports. ...
  3. Ash. Image Credit: EA Sports. ...
  4. Rampart. Image Credit: EA Sports. ...
  5. Wattson. Image Credit: EA Sports.
Apr 14, 2023

Who is the smallest apex legend? ›

Which Apex Legends hitboxes are the smallest? The confirmed Apex Legends hitboxes are as follows, from smallest to largest: Wraith - 33 square cm. Lifeline - 37 square cm - 12% increase.

How old is wraith Loba? ›

Loba – 36 years old

Loba can teleport in the game. She has joined Apex Games to take down the one who killed her family when she was just nine!

Why does Loba have a fan? ›

For one thing, the fan Loba stole is an actual heirloom that used to belong to her mother, Alanza. In its current state, the fan looks quite worn and frayed. But knowing Loba, she will quickly restore her mother's fan to its original beauty and adorn it with riches and technology befitting her thieving nature.

How tall is Loba? ›

Loba. She looks to be roughly 5'6″ tall in the game, but it isn't her base height. She regularly mentions that she fights in six-inch heels, so the truth may surprise you. In order to learn the secrets of her profession from her criminally brilliant parents, Loba spent her childhood traveling from planet to planet.

Who is the father of Loba? ›

Background. Loba Andrade was born in 2699 to professional thieves, Alanza & Marcos Andrade.

Is Loba a wolf? ›

In Mexican Folklore, La Loba is a Wild Woman who collects the bones of the animals and during ritual she brings them back to life. It shows the Wolf Woman standing in a body of water that streams of the hill, representing life.

Who is the tallest apex legend? ›

The only thing that is really known about Pathfinder is his height. Pathfinder is six-foot-two, making him one of the taller characters in the game.

Who is the black haired girl in Apex Legends? ›

Renee Blasey, also known by her alias "Wraith", is a playable Legend in Apex Legends and Apex Legends Mobile.

How far can Loba throw her ring? ›

The max distance Loba's Tactical can reach can be extended to over 100 meters if thrown from an elevated position.

What is Loba Apex full name? ›

Loba Andrade is a Support-Type legend in Apex Legends. This legend was released alongside Apex Legend's fifth season, Fortune's Favor. Players can unlock Loba with 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins ($9.99 USD).


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