How Do You Say Good Morning In Spanish (2023)

1. How to Say Good Morning in Spanish in 33 Fitting Ways - Berlitz

  • Oct 4, 2022 · Good morning is buenos días. This directly translates to “good days.” If you're wondering why you would use plurals, it's kind of a long story.

  • No matter the situation, we’ll provide you with the best ways to wish someone a good morning or a good day in Spanish to brighten people’s day!

2. Different Ways to Say "Good Morning" in Spanish With Audio | Langster

  • When greeting someone in the morning, you can use the expression buenos días. This is a formal version of saying "Good Morning" in Spanish. You typically use it ...

  • There are many phrases in the Spanish language you can use to greet someone in the morning or wish them a nice day. Let’s find out which phrase to use depending on the situation.

3. How to Say "Good Morning" in Spanish (and 88 other Useful ...

  • “The morning” in Spanish is la mañana, but if you want to wish someone a good morning you must say buenos días, which literally means 'good days' (note the ...

  • Check out these useful Spanish phrases, including “Good morning”, “Goodnight”, “Hello”, “I love you”, “Thank you” and “You’re welcome”.

4. 4 Ways to Say Good Morning in Spanish - wikiHow

  • To say “good morning” in Spanish, say “buenos días.” Or you can just say “buenas” for a short, casual greeting. To say “good morning, beautiful” in Spanish ...

  • In Spanish, the phrase "buenos días" literally means "good days" in English. In Spanish-speaking countries, however, "buenos días" is used to mean "good morning." In the afternoon and evenings, other phrases are used. You can add words to...

5. 30 Ways to Say “Good Morning” in Spanish Beyond Buenos Días

  • May 4, 2023 · Basic Phrases to Say Good Morning in Spanish · 1. Buenos días – Good morning · 2. Buen día – Good day · 3. Buenas – Hi · 4. Saludos – Hello / ...

  • You know "buenos días" is how to say good morning in Spanish. But did you know there are many other phrases native speakers use instead? Click here to learn 30 ways to say good morning in Spanish like a native speaker, from "feliz día" to "¿cómo durmió?". Plus, get pronunciations, usage notes and a free PDF download.

6. 30 Ways To Say “Good Morning” in Spanish Beyond “Buenos Días”

  • Jul 20, 2023 · Different ways to say “Good morning” in Spanish · ¡Buenos! · ¡Buen día! · Buenos días a todos [Bwe-nos dee-as a to-dos]: This translates as “Good ...

  • Want to sound like a local? Then check out this blog post to learn alternative ways to wish someone a good morning in Spanish and other vital greetings.

7. 20 Ways to Say Good Morning in Spanish with Examples

  • Jun 25, 2022 · Ways to say Good Morning in Spanish ... Good morning! ¡Buenos días! Greetings! ¡Saludos! Hi! ¡Hola! Hey! ¡Eh! How are you? ... Welcome! ¡Bienvenido!

  • By

8. "Good morning" in Spanish and other useful Spanish greetings ... - Fluenz

  • How to say “Good morning” in Spanish. To wish someone 'good morning' in Spanish, say 'buenos días'. 'Buenos' means 'good' and 'días' means 'days' (in plural) ...

  • Learning to say "Good Morning" in Spanish and a few other key phrases can be very useful when visiting a Spanish-speaking country. With a few tips and tricks, we will help you master the most common Spanish greetings so you can start mingling with the locals in no time.

9. How to say "good morning" in Spanish | iTranslate

  • Learn the phrase "Buenos días" and how to pronounce it. "Buenos días" is the most common way to say “good morning,” and it's usually used before noon. But as ...

  • Learn how to say good morning in Spanish with iTranslate. Discover the correct pronunciation and start your day with a friendly greeting in Spanish!

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