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The edit I saw and got inspired to research this topic further:

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Before I explain everything, I’m gonna put some personal opinions and head canons cause ages for all three characters are unknown:

•I believe Crona is 14, same age as Maka, just 8 months younger then Maka. Her birthday is November 1. so that means that Maka is turning 15 in SE present time year and that Crona is turning 15 next year (my Crona hc bday: 21. June) Maka appears to act more mature in comparison to Crona, at least in my opinion. Crona appears like a person who has to learn many stuff about the life itself, despite the way Medusa raised him. I don’t HC that Crona isn’t familiar with regular stuff like animals, means of transport, clothing and yada yada cause from the anime end manga we see Crona in front of a animal, being at public places with no wonders or gasps and wearing a suit at the party. The only thing I think Crona missed out on in childhood is friends, candy, cartoons and other types of shows for children.

• Since Stein’s age is unknown, and knowing that Spirit and Stein were together at DWMA as partners, I believe they are close in age. With Spirit being 31 and Stein, who by appearance in my opinion, looks like he’s older then Spirit, I believe Stein is around 35 years old. We have a flashback at young Stein and Spirit, where Stein looks younger then Spirit. That doesn’t change anything because there’s the thing called: “looking too young/old for your actual age”. Just Like Harry Potter looked younger then his actual age, I see Stein the same way.

• Medusa is obviously around 800 years old, just like Arachne. I believe witches grow old as fast as humans to the point where they look around 25-35 years old. When they reach that point they stop aging and live all up until they choose to die or get killed. This gives Medusa appearance of a young person.

Now it is time for me to show you the evidence I found on this topic!

1. What’s Crona’s character inspired by?

This one is pretty important! If u sticked around this amino for a while or if u just put the puzzle together, you’d figure out that Crona is inspired by Italian culture! We who read (or spoiled) the manga, know that Crona’s favorite food is PASTA, his OST (Salve Maria) is in Italian language and if u paid closer attention you’d hear mad Italian music behind Crona in episode 27 while he’s protecting Maka.

why is that Important? Because—

What’s Stein’s character inspired by?

Due to the Image telling us about Crona and Stein’s physical similarities (same skin tone, eye shape, hair shape kinda, tall figure, long neck) I did a bit research about Stein. I found out that his character is inspired by Victor Frankenstein. Then, I searched Victor and found out that he is Swiss ITALIAN!

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Now, EVEN MORE evidence for physical similarities!

We all probably wondered why Crona has pink hair, we all did.

I HAVE A PROOF THAT IT’S FORM STEIN, or at least that he has it’s genetic code. This “proof” i’m handing can show that his ancestors, even just one of them, could’ve possibly had pink hair!

U know that option to select color in paint, photoshop, any editing or drawing app? I imported Stein’s reference picture and selected his hair color. THESE TWO TONES WERE SWITCHING!

[AU] Crona’s Father Theory | Wiki | Soul Eater Amino (3)

With this I stand by that stein has these tones in his genetic code AND THAT THEY DOMINATE ON CRONA!

I also wanna add, ability!

We all know that Maka, Kid and STEIN have soul sensing abilities. I have a proof that Crona has them too! I’m not sure if people believe that Crona can sense them so that’s why I’m adding this part! This also isn’t added to the wiki fandom, which I found strange. I tend to go deep into the research and look of an explanation for everything. We all know that not everyone gets this ability, but everyone can sense souls while resonating. I found a scene where Crona SAW a soul without resonating with anyone. If I’m wrong, prove it, I couldn’t find any other explanation why could Crona see im that specific moment. I believe he wasn’t added to the wiki cause he wasn’t seen using it. Ragnarok also saw souls bunch of times without resonating, which can be related with the fact that he’s a demon, but their souls are separate, so I don’t believe Crona can see souls because Ragnarok has that ability (ragnarok wasn’t added to the wiki too :/). This could be some other ability I don’t know of, but so far it’s only soul perception. Now, Crona seeing a soul! It was both in anime and manga! Crona seeing Aracne’s soul:

HE WAS TERRIFIED! IT’S OBVIOUS HE SAW IT! So, I believe that he’s inherited that form Stien! It is clear that he saw it cause he was mentioning soul wavelength and he managed to compare her with Medusa which also proofs that Crona saw Medusa’s soul in the past. If that isn’t enough, we had Ragnarok talk about Maka and Soul as a food, aka he was able to see their souls and we all know that only misters can see souls and Crona is a meister! The point is, since Ragnarok is mixed with black blood that Medusa replaced Crona’s own blood with and ends up being the part of Crona’s immune system, I believe Ragnarok can use Crona’s ability to see souls himself as well! Obviously i think Ragnarok is a black blood demon created by mixing the weapon form if an unknown weapon and black blood and that the mixture created a personality. I think that’s the reason of his aggressive and feelingless nature, since he is partly a demon, just like little ogre that appeared inside Soul after he had some black blood mixed with his own blood after Crona’s cut.

I also wanna add his house decor!

take a closer look at these pictures:

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We all can notice that arrows are everywhere! I think that’s impact of his erased memory! Also this can be a reference and a message from Atsushi :eyes:

jk jk, he’d say something if it was canon ahahah

These arrows also appeared around one of Medusa’s lairs that JUST HAPPENED to be the one where she kept STEIN and the brew!!

Lets take a look at some pics lol

[AU] Crona’s Father Theory | Wiki | Soul Eater Amino (6)

[AU] Crona’s Father Theory | Wiki | Soul Eater Amino (7)


[AU] Crona’s Father Theory | Wiki | Soul Eater Amino (8)

THOSE ARE THE EXACY SAME TREES AAA!! I know Stein’s arrows on the floor can be taken as a joke so he knows where’s everything lol, but having a PEACE OF BUILDING IN AN ARROW SHAPE? ARROW TREES? RANDOM ARROWS LIKE HERE, SUCH AS STATUES AND PILLARS:

[AU] Crona’s Father Theory | Wiki | Soul Eater Amino (9)


[AU] Crona’s Father Theory | Wiki | Soul Eater Amino (10)

I don’t know about you but this is too much of a coincidence to me, this is probably one of my best proofs so far!! Like I said I believe the reason behind all this is the impact of his erased memory, like when that happens in other shows that one character has a habit they don’t understand, like a mark, dreams and nightmares etc.

This also shows that he has a connection with Medusa, which leads to being connected to Crona too, cause Medusa’s plans and motives are NOTHING without Crona, that’s why she wanted him back with her in the first place.

Now, this all seems confusing because it would be a big plot twist and because it seems like something that would happen in the anime if it was real. This is, once again, only a theory of mine. This next part is up to our imagination. I’m gonna share the way I think Stein and Medusa met and how Stein doesn’t have a memory of Crona or ever being with Medusa in the first place.

Now, Medusa and Stein?

We all know that Stein is the ONLY person Medusa had feelings for, she was kinda obsessed with him! That tells us that there was probably some kinda bond in the past! She even kidnapped him using Kishin’s madness! This is one of the reasons I ship Stein and Medusa but only in “non existing prequel” lol, later on it’s developed into a manipulative kind of relationship that I’m not rlly fond of..

I’m gonna explain the way everything happened between them later on.

How did Stein and Medusa meet?

Due to my personal head canons I put up in the beginning of the wiki, I’d say that Stein met Medusa at the age of 21.

I believe that Medusa had planned to create the new Kishin before Crona was born. I believe Medusa was looking for the way to have a child. I also believe that she hoped for a girl who’d turn out to be a witch (one of the reasons I think Crona is male). The witch would have a powerful soul and magical powers.

Anyway, I see Medusa as someone independent and someone who wouldn’t let anyone stop her from achieving her goals. With this I see her trying to find a sneaky way to get a child.

That’s why I believe she met Stein at Spirit’s 18. birthday party. This means that Spirit’s ex-wife is already pregnant with Maka. A big party with bunch if young people and alcohol is a perfect place to find a lover in a “unplanned” way xD. So I see that party as a big public party with many many young people.

Then, Medusa would come to the party and try to find someone strong so her child would inherit as many powerful traits as possible. That way she meets Stein. He was the chosen one so they spent the rest of the party together and that everything happened as Medusa had planned. Thought, it didn’t happen in “unplanned” way, I’d never want to rape a character or have my favorite character existing because of that, Medusa and Stein actually fell in love with each other and that went to Medusa’s advantage and made her plan easier to carry. Since she lacks empathy and basic human feelings xD I see her getting over Stein pretty quickly after she decided to leave him and disappear from his life most likely for the rest of their lives (but they got to stand before each other again anyway :wink: )

why doesn’t Stein remember anything then?

Medusa had removed herself from his memories. Now now, I know some of u will say that Medusa doesn’t have that ability, BUT, remember manga. Crona couldn’t remember anyone from DWMA. We all remember Crona didn’t want to come back to Medusa cause he’d miss his friends. I believe Medusa got him back by force and erased all all of them from his memories. I believe this cause no person, especially the one who never had friends and affection, would choose to come back in hands of their abuser over to stay with people who saved them from their abuser. Maka and Crona had resonated and formed a bond, also she is the first friend and a person who showed him what being loved feels like :’). That is the reason Crona remembered everything in the end. This is enough evidence that Medusa can change and erase parts of ones memories.

So, Medusa erased herself from Steins memories and set out before Stein woke up.

I also like to believe that she actually ended up liking Stein and that that’s the reason she asked him to join her and appeared to be in love with him. I see her putting her goals before love and choosing to erase his memory of her and continue her plans since everything went smoothly.

If this wasn’t enough of a proof to you that she’s able to do it, mind-erasure is considered a magical ability too, it’s also somewhat possible to fake amnesia that way too, which could actually explain Crona’s sudden amnesia which I just don’t understand in any other way then this explanation..

[AU] Crona’s Father Theory | Wiki | Soul Eater Amino (11)

Will Crona and Stein ever find out about the truth?

I have many versions of this ahahah

I’d really love that to happen! Since we know Medusa has a diary, I believe she had been having a diaries all her life. I imagine Stein and other adults investigating Medusa’s home during Crona’s recovery from his fight with Medusa, the place she was at in the end of anime. I believe that’s where Crona grew up cause he was leading and knew where to go every time with no mistake!

Anyway, they all find Medusa’s previous dairies and are taking them all so they can investigate black blood more further. The reason is so they know if it’s safe to ever make Ragnarok a Death Scythe, and to check Crona’s health in general. That way they come across the page where she wrote about the party and I’d love to include a picture of Stein and her together so it’s more clear and obvious!

I’d say they found out by the time Crona was almost fully recovered and that it was happy news for both him and Stein! I see Crona living with Maka and Soul in the apartment ,cause it’s anime canon and cause all students live in a dorm or a apartment with their partners, and that’s he’s visiting Stein every day. But if we don’t stick to that canon info Crona would move in with Stein and Marie and they’d be a happy family fhrjrjfkfifj YES!That way the two of them are making up for the times they did not have the opportunity to spend together :’)

That’s all I can say about this! I hope you guys like the little story I made up for my theory uwu



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