Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (2023)

The anime franchise is revered for its wonderful animation styles, creative visuals, and character designs. These various features assist animation studios and mangaka artists in achieving a desired "viewing" effect that reflects uniqueness and creativity. A suitable illustration is Ufotable’s Demon Slayer production. Through the stunning anime adaptation of the manga, viewers witnessed how quality animation can elevate a thrilling storyline.

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Amidst anime tropes, there is a popular one involving white-haired characters. On several occasions, white-haired anime characters usually add an interesting narrative due to their distinctiveness. Here’s a list of some iconic male characters within the world of Japanese animation.

Updated August 22, 2022, by Emedo Destiny: Anime characters with white hair is a recurring trope that will not end anytime soon. Although having white hair is not a spectacular feat, most anime titles tend to make something special about these characters by giving them unique powers or granting them unique dispositions. White-haired characters can be either heroes or villains; however, they have a certain appeal to them that make their appearances memorable. Ironically, most iconic anime characters are not old men with grey-white hair but vibrant young characters with bright white hair. Following this popular trope, here are some of the most charming white-haired anime characters.

15 Decim – Death Parade

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (1)

Decim is the detached-looking, white-haired protagonist of Death Parade, an anime centered on the judgment of human souls after their death. Even as the bartender of Quindecim, Decim is an arbiter tasked with setting up games to determine if a human’s soul should be reincarnated to cast into the void. While maintaining an emotionless appearance and a somewhat cold look, Decim takes his job as an arbiter very seriously.

Unfortunately, one of Decim’s biggest shortcomings is his inability to understand human emotions. This shortcoming leads him to err in some of his judgments, despite his five-year experience as an Arbiter. Although Decim is not as exciting as most white-haired characters in the anime franchise, he still has his own appeal and unique features.

14 Archer – Fate/Stay Night & Unlimited Blade Works

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (2)

Alternatively known as Emiya, Archer is the servant of Rin Tohsaka, one of the key participants in the Fifth Holy Grail War – a constant occurrence in the Fate universe. Although Archer was summoned like the regular heroes, Archer’s background was different from the rest. He shared an identity with the anime’s protagonist, Emiya Shirou, even bearing the same name but hailing from a different timeline.

As the antagonist of Unlimited Blade Works, Archer-Emiya was revealed to be an extremely powerful spirit. His greatest ability, Unlimited Blade Works, had a great depth to it, cementing the trope surrounding the overpowered nature of most white-haired characters.

13 Gintoki – Gintama

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (3)

Gintoki is the white-haired protagonist of the classic shonen anime, Gintama, with over-the-top comedy. Despite being occasionally lazy and laid back, Gintoki is one of the most relatable shonen protagonists. His sarcasm and sometimes snarky comments add to Gintama’s comedy-lined appeal. As a retired samurai, Gintoki created Yorozuya, a place where clients can purchase his services.

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Surprisingly, despite his lazy personality, Gintoki handles his job well. Although Gintama is a comedy series, it does have its intense moments. Featuring in some of these moments is Gintoki’s excellent swordsmanship, driven by his overwhelming desire to protect his friends.

12 Jiraiya – Naruto

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (4)

Jiraiya is an iconic character from the widely popular shonen series Naruto, who just happens to have white hair. As a member of the Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya made a name for himself in the world of Naruto. Jiraiya trained Naruto, who aimed to be the Hokage of Konoha in the ways of Ninja arts like Sage Jutsu and the Rasengan.

Unfortunately, Jiraiya died at the hands of Pain, one of the forerunning members of the Akatsuki in Naruto Shippuuden. Regardless, he will be remembered by anime fans as one of the most honorable characters in the Naruto franchise.

11 Griffith – Berserk

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (5)

Berserk is one of the greatest seinen titles in the anime franchise. This claim is rightly so, considering the story’s powerful fantasy themes and a vast array of villains. However, Griffith is one of the story’s main villains and arguably the most disliked. Griffith wasn’t always a purely evil character until his jealous nature pushed him into being reborn as a member of the God Hand.

This rebirth was at the cost of the death of Griffith’s closest comrades. Throughout the series, Griffith has committed heinous acts, proving that white-haired characters in the anime franchise aren’t always on the good side.

10 Sho Kusakabe – Fire Force

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (6)

Sho Kusakabe is the brother of the Fire Force's protagonist, Shinra. Sho is another interesting white-haired character with powerful abilities despite his young age. Raised by the White-Clad with a strong connection to the Evangelist’s grace, Sho is one of the few Adolla Burst users in the series.

Adolla is a “pure and unsullied” flame from another dimension. So, naturally, individuals connected to this flame possess otherworldly powers. For instance, Sho Kusakabe can bend time and space to his will, making him almost invincible in battle.

9 Kanade Uryuu – Platinum End

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (7)

Kanade Uryuu from Platinum End show, first released in 2021, is new to the anime franchise; however, Kanade’s impact on the anime makes him another distinct white-haired character. Among a group of individuals known as the 'God Candidates,' who aim to become the next God, Kanade distinguished himself from the start.

Seeing the whole agenda as a battle, he eliminated a majority of the God Candidates through sound battle tactics and coerced alliances. However, he died later in the series through the combined efforts of Takehashi, the protagonists, and other candidates.

8 Toshiro Hitsugaya – Bleach

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (8)

Captain Toshiro embodies the “peculiarity” common to most white-haired characters. At a young age, Toshiro already secured a position among the Gotei 13 – the highest-ranking group of the Shinigami in Bleach as the Captain of the tenth squad.

There are many notable things about Toshiro. The first is his unique ice-based Zanpaktou, Hyōrinmaru – the central connection to his Bankai, Daiguren Hyorinmaru. Toshiro’s talent as a Shinigami captain is undisputed; despite his child-like features, his battle prowess is exceptional, and he is among the best in Bleach.

7 Makishima Shogo – Psycho Pass

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (9)

Psycho Pass is set in a world where there is an advanced technological mechanism that monitors the possible criminal intentions of citizens: The Sibyl Systems. Through a clouded Psycho Pass, the Sibyl System will be alerted when a crime is committed. However, one of the antagonists of the series, Makishima Shogo, was an exception.

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He could commit crimes without alerting the Sibyl System due to his criminally asymptomatic nature; the main reason why Dominators – a special gun-type connected with Psycho Passes couldn't work on him, stumping Kogami’s plans.

6 Shoto Todoroki – My Hero Academia

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (10)

Todoroki is the son of Endeavor, a renowned hero in the Quirk-based world presented by My Hero Academia. Like his father, Todoroki was special, showing the affinity to become a formidable hero. Even though his half-red half-white hair is unique among white-haired characters, they complement his abilities.

Todoroki's Half-Cold Half-Hot quirk is powerful, allowing him to confront most villains without fear. Due to his battle prowess, he was able to claim the second position in the U.A Sports Festival and the Quirk Apprehension Test. Even though he leverages more on his ice abilities, he is still a strong opponent in battle.

5 Killua Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (11)

Killua Zoldyck is among the main characters in Hunter x Hunter, sharing a deep bond with Gon Freecs, the main character of the series. Despite the duo both aspiring to become renowned hunters, Killua hails from a darker background. Even among a family of professional assassins – one of the best in the anime, Killua stands out as the most talented.

Killua’s grandfather, Zeno Zoldyck, acknowledged Killua’s talent despite being his young age. However, Killua’s fighting skill didn't peak in the anime until he learned Nen, allowing him to use the skill, Godspeed – a powerful lightning-based ability that increases his offensive elements in battles.

4 Near – Deathnote

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (12)

Near is a character that emerged later in Deathnote, a popular anime known for its incredible twists and the main characters’ wit and intelligence. After L’s defeat by Yagami Light, his successors, Near and Mello, moved onto the Kira investigation stage.

Similar to his predecessor, L, Near also possessed a quirk, constantly solving puzzle games. However, the best trait Near shared with L is his exceptional intelligence and incredibly deductive skills. Using brilliant tactics, he managed to foil Kira's plans and reveal the true identity behind the widely-feared name.

3 Hatake Kakashi – Naruto

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (13)

Hatake Kakashi is a popular character from the Naruto Franchise. Also known as the "Copy Ninja," his abilities make him one of the most versatile characters in the show, mostly due to the one-eyed Sharingan he possessed. Despite his limited Chakra reserves, his exceptional skills as a Shinobi.

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During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Kakashi’s battle prowess grew exponentially. Using the power of Obito’s Mangekyou Sharingan with the Six Paths Chakra, he was able to create the “Perfect Susanoo,” one of the strongest in the series. After the war, he ended up the Sixth Hokage – a symbol of his skill as a Ninja.

2 Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (14)

Amongst all white-haired anime characters, Ken Kaneki is within the most popular category. Unlike most white-haired characters that were born with their hair color, Kaneki obtained his as a result of intense torture and trauma. Ken Kaneki, a half-Ghoul, ended up as one of the strongest characters in Tokyo Ghoul.

Initially, he was a regular literature student attending Kamii University until his life was upturned by Rize, the One-Eyed Ghoul, whose Kagune was transplanted into him. Later on, he was captured by Jason – a victim of torture, who inflicted immense pain on Kaneki, causing him to lose his mind and memories and his hair to turn white.

1 Gojo Satoru – Jujutsu Kaisen

Anime: 15 Most Iconic Male Characters With White Hair (15)

Gojo Satoru is among the central characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. In the first episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo made a remarkable first appearance, fighting Sukuna easily without exerting a lot of effort. Gojo is known to be extremely powerful and is probably the strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer in the series.

In Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojou’s name is feared even among strong curses. His remarkable Cursed Technique, Unlimited Void, first introduced in the thrilling battle with Jogo, truly attests to his incredible strength. The ability moves his opponents to a different space created out of nothingness, overwhelming their senses and battle power.

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